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Sep 15, 2010 12:05am PDT
when we put lindsay lohan in jail? [ laughter ] crime was down across the board. you know things are bad when even criminals can't find work in this country, but -- experts say the decrease could be due to several factors. the aging of the population, increased incars ration, many criminals have found jobs in the banking industry and on wall street, so -- i, however, credit obesity. i notice when obesity goes up, the crime rate goes down. i guess because criminals become too fat to steal. ♪ >> jimmy: well, bad at crime, good at can nonon balls. that's -- [ applause ] that is true, though. meanwhile, singer george michael was arrested again. he was sentenced to eight weeks in a british jail for driving under the influence. he crashed his car through a snappy snap store in london while he was high on pot. snappy snap is a photo development place. i would have crashed into it just because it's named snappy snaps. george michael has a history of this. in 2006, he hit three parked cars with his one moving one. it's why he named his band wham in the first place. so, now he has to do
Sep 15, 2010 12:20am PDT
and the vail sobbing softly, and i did enjoy the judge when he said she seemed like a wannabe lindsay lohan, like that's a bad thing. rock on. awesome, good for her. and i liked her court attire, which was kind of a same leopard dress, but gray, and a little bit less of a bump-it. she did a 50%, out of respect for the court. >> jimmy: for the american legal system. >> which is what you have to do, when you face plant in the sand in miami and you banged the situation again. >> jimmy: she got charged with something ridiculous. >> drunken disorderly -- >> jimmy: disturbing the pleasantness of the beach or some silly charge. >> i concur. i'm going to tweet about it. >> jimmy: so you were on her side? >> i'm pro-snooki. of course i am. i don't want her to go away. unlike you, i don't want these people to go away. i don't want the housewives to go away. i don't want -- i don't know if you saw the new jersey reunion. >> jimmy: i missed that. >> my favorite cross-eyed andy cohen, which is hysterical because the women don't know who he's talking to. there's a lot going on. >> jimmy: you are starting
Sep 15, 2010 7:00am PDT
nice gift. next we have emily. >> ak the emily. >> this is her friend lindsay's dress. we have the before shot of emily here, and we shortened t. added a j. crew sweater with a belt. >> often shortening it solves your problem. >> that's what you said about a bridesmaid dress. >> how much would it cost to turn a dress into something shorter than? >> nicole said $15 and under. >> that's do-able. >> next we have michelle from california. she's having twins. she's on bed rest. we have her before picture here. these are pink and purple dress, to that could be for her baby's room. >> very sweet. >> the tissue box and pillow. something from your wedding and put it in your baby's room. and then we have a very special guest. >> we do? >> yes. this is ci k cici who is say go friend of mine. she's four and a half. this is stephanie before dress. the bottom was a skirt. now -- we have to model. let's do your moves so everybody can see you and your hips. >> we made it into a skirt which was under $25 and a rosette applique. these are different ways to use your bridesmaid dresses. >> maybe s
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)